Skype Beta per Mac

Rilasciata la Beta di Skype per Mac


La nuova versione integra nuove fuzioni :

  • ceen sharing: la condivisione dello schermo intero o di una selezione nel corso di una videochiamata (attivabile dal menu Chiama->condividi schermo)
  • Quick Add per aggiungere velocemente un contatto a una chat che è già in essere.
  • aggiungere note ai contatti
  • la possibilità di aggiungere al profilo utente una foto scattata direttamente dalla propria webcam e modificarla con dei simpatici effetti di post-produzione
  • possibilità di selezionare come avatar un’immagine recente
  • supporto di avatar dalle dimensioni maggiori (256 x 256 pixel)
  • messaggio d’umore ripristinato dopo la riproduzione di un brano in iTunes
  • in modalità “invisibile” il messaggio d’umore non viene modificato con il brano di iTunes che si sta ascoltando
  • le chat sono ordinabili per data, titolo, priorità o manualmente
  • Skype Access per connettersi agli hot-spot di Boingo pagando direttamente con il credito di Skype.
  • nuovo codec audio, denominato SILK

QUì per il Download

Dopo il Salto il Change LOG

Full release notes for the newborn, are:

feature: Skype Access
feature: Screen sharing
feature: Sort chats in the chat drawer
feature: Set priorities to chats
feature: Quick Add: quick and simple way to add people to chats
feature: Mood message chat: mood updates from your contacts listed in a chat
feature: Large avatars: 256×256 pixels
feature: Add your own notes to contacts
feature: Profile picture selector (Mac OS X 10.5 only)
feature: Support of Spotify links in your mood and chats

improvement: Improved bandwidth allocation methods
improvement: Improved copy/paste capabilities of messages in a chat
improvement: Cmd-shift-E shortcut to edit your last chat message
improvement: Ability to change your profile picture can now be initiated by double-clicking on your profile picture
improvement: Technical call info window can now be triggered manually
improvement: Improvement of chat split-view resizing
improvement: Added skype: uri handler topic and token parameter support for “call” command
improvement: Warning message added in chat window when writing to a mobile device user who is not able to receive chats
improvement: Improved Leave Chat alert layout and messages
improvement: When a new call is started, default call volume is set to 25% if it was lower before
improvement: When multiple files are received via file sending, clicking the main file icon will now open all the files
improvement: Improvements to accuracy of contacts online status
improvement: Usability for VoiceOver users

localization: Added Brazilian Portuguese by Fabio Roselet
localization: Added Polish by Bohdan Zielinski
localization: Added Estonian

change: Search field is default focus in history window
change: When user shows an iTunes song in their mood, it is preceded by a musical note character
change: No longer possible to send chat messages containing only whitespace characters
change: Appearance of contact groups
change: Removal of grey area beside chat text window, emoticon button now inside chat text window
change: Merged block and unblock menu items
change: New tabbed layout in the profile information window
change: Status of SMS messages now changes: Sending -> Sent -> Delivered

change: Duplicate Skype Out contacts from address book will not be displayed

bugfix: It was not possible to start a chat with a contact who was not in contact list
bugfix: Occasionally when a person was added to a conference call, he was automatically put on hold
bugfix: Conference call window kept aspect ratio when resizing
bugfix: File sending failed when file with the same name already existed
bugfix: Hang Up button had wrong label in the chat window while a call was in progress
bugfix: Sometimes Skype crashed after a SMS/text was sent
bugfix: Under certain rare circumstances,the main window stopped responding when a birthday event was clicked on
bugfix: If user had multiple online numbers, only the first one was displayed in Skype services panel
bugfix: When user removed a custom sound for an event, it was replaced with the first sound in the list, not with the default one
bugfix: Previous username was shown in the title of the main window when “Sign In as Another User” was clicked
bugfix: When user edited a landline/mobile phone contact the phone number was not validated
bugfix: Video button in call window was not replaced with dialpad button when call was forwarded to a phone number
bugfix: Sometimes the yellow alerts inside the chat window disappeared when “view earlier messages” was clicked
bugfix: Some video preferences were still enabled after “Enable Skype Video” was unselected
bugfix: Occasionally the incoming call window was displayed offscreen
bugfix: ‘Call On Hold’ was not removed when user resumed a video call
bugfix: After writing multi-line feed message with /me chat command, the text was not displayed correctly
bugfix: When the topic of a public chat was locked and a non-host tried to change it then the user couldn’t see the original topic
bugfix: To and from fields were mixed up for file sending with multiple files
bugfix: In some rare cases after signing in as another user, some chat messages from previous user were still visible
bugfix: Sometimes the call window disappeared when adding an unauthorized contact to a conference call
bugfix: ‘Add to Contacts’ command didn’t work in the context menu of the history list
bugfix: Call Transfer menu was also shown for outgoing calls
bugfix: Clicking “Show in Finder” on a file which was being sent showed “File not found” message
bugfix: Skype URI skype:username always initiated a call, instead of triggering the default action (chat or call)

bugfix: Skypename was not pre-set, when signed out after password was changed
bugfix: When a call to an emergency or short number was dialled, Skype didn’t display the appropriate message
bugfix: After a manual update, “Upgrade Skype” missed event didn’t disappear
bugfix: Proxy authentication window kept popping up although correct credentials were entered
bugfix: Pressing return-key in the landline/mobile phone caller window did not start call
bugfix: Fixed layouts of hold and mute overlay views of the call window in some localizations
bugfix: Password error message was incorrect when creating account or changing account password
bugfix: Country codes of Address Book contacts were not updated when default country code had been changed in Skype preferences
bugfix: Minor problem with emoticon set name in French version
bugfix: Error #6520 (calls to landlines and mobiles) did not have a description

bugfix: Call and chat buttons were shown for undisclosed and unrecognized numbers in history list
bugfix: String “(host)” was not localized in conference call window
bugfix: Some “speak text” notifications didn’t understand @ sign
bugfix: Mood is now cleared when ‘show iTunes song’ is enabled and user stops iTunes
bugfix: iTunes song info is not shown/updated in mood when status is offline/invisible
bugfix: Old mood was not restored when iTunes was paused
bugfix: An old song that the user listened to a few days ago was set as the mood when user paused iTunes
bugfix: Turning off iTunes in your mood while playing music did not restore previous mood set by the user
bugfix: It was impossible to close technical call info window in full screen video call
bugfix: If a phone number contained a hyphen in a chat, it didn’t appear as a clickable link
bugfix: Mobile contacts did not have corresponding icon in contact list
bugfix: Sometimes the number of missed events was incorrect
bugfix: Artifacts appeared below contact name if their mood contained newline characters
bugfix: Emoticons were case sensitive
bugfix: Right click on a link in chat window and selecting “Open link” opened the link in Skype chat window
bugfix: User was unable to send SMS to a number which began with +00 in Address Book
bugfix: The summary of several files being sent showed the file as being sent even when it was being received
bugfix: Canceling a file selection in the file sending dialog caused an error
bugfix: Camera icon on the contact card in the contact list was sometimes hidden
bugfix: If there were several files sent together, then “Remove from list” didn’t work for a single file
bugfix: Sometimes call window remained open with “unhandled state” message
bugfix: Sometimes when adding a person into a video call, the whole application did not respond for 15 seconds
bugfix: It was not possible to set country to not specified in profile
bugfix: Address book options was not honored on showing contact name order
Skype API: Implemented GET/SET AVATAR
Skype API: MUTE related API calls were not working properly for non-host in conference call
Skype API: Implemented GET CHAT property (name, timestamp, adder, posters, members, topic, activemembers, friendlyname)


Skype API: GET CHAT PROPERTY accepted only properties written as uppercase string


Skype API: Implemented CREATE CHAT
Skype API: OPEN CHAT did not respond
Skype API: SEARCH ACTIVECALLS did not return call members

Updated all localizations: French – Jean-Pierre Kuypers, German – Claudius Henrichs, Traditional Chinese – Carlos Lee, Italian – Domenico Cianci, Dutch – Alexander Henket, Spanish – Carola Clavo, Portuguese (Portugal) – Francisco Miguel Ferreira, Japanese – Mayu Shimizu, Norwegian – Kenneth Stevenson, Russian -Igor Pryadkin, Czech

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